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We are committed to transparency in everything we do. In this section, we will outline some of the questions we got in the past. 

What will happen once a buy request is send?

We will do the following (click here)

What kind of conditions do you use for the posters or lithographs?

We have different kind of conditions (click here). We will do our best to measure the best condition to the item. 

What are the terms of use?

Here you can find the Terms of use (click here).

I have no clue how a poster or lithograph would look like in my room, how can I make a choice?

We offer a new service where we will fit the poster or lithograph in your room. We only need a picture of the room and the preferred poster or lithograph. Here is the service: (click here)

Can I have a heads-up once you find a specific poster or lithograph?

Yes, this is a new service we provide. You can give us your search request. Once we find the correct item we will send you an email with an offer in it. This is a free service and you are not obliged to do anything until then. Here you find the service (click here)

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